Our trusted professionals executed the activation and rig mobilisation according to our Zero Harm Integrity Objectives. 

Phronteseas was accountable for the entire process, including
– MODU activation and Integrity verification
– Planning & Management of all relevant activities
– Crewing, Training, Competence verification
– Marine Logistics, Rig Move Planning, and Execution
– Class Society and Flag certifications

We are proud of the professional & dedicated attitude of our team and partners – and greatly appreciate the Customer’s trust in Phronteseas!


We all have a responsibility to make environmentally conscious decisions. Phronteseas are keenly aware of the importance  – and therefore committed to make a meaningful impact.

In one of our operations management contracts, Phronteseas reduced CO2 emissions related to power generation of the Mobil Offshore Drilling Unit by 54.45%.

We are passionately assisting customers with CO2 emission reduction program.