Arabian Drilling Company – Advisory / Asset / Operations Management – 2022

Phronteseas offered the customer a range of Jack-Up alternatives and provided acquisition assistance before taking on vessel management responsibilities for rig relocation from Mexico to the Middle East. This involved activating the two Jack-Ups, crewing the units with a suitable rig crew, and conducting thorough assessments of all equipment to establish a detailed project execution plan, including timelines and critical paths.

Furthermore, Phronteseas assembled a skilled rig crew of over 14 individuals and a project team comprising 12 members to oversee the operation. All rig systems were activated successfully, followed by the meticulous preparation of the tow to the loading location and subsequent transfer to the Heavy Lift Vessel (HLV) loading point. Our team prepared a total project scope of work, timeline and budgets for the two unit´s deployment to Saudi Arabia. This included gap analysis for Aramco compliance requirements such as “Schedule G” and “SWIM” rules to mention some key customer requests.

Phronteseas also played a key role in facilitating the execution of the seller/buyer agreement in international waters, ensuring smooth progress throughout the endeavor.