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Phronteseas Operation Team recently completed a MODU mobilization project in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our trusted professionals executed the activation and rig mobilisation according to our Zero Harm Integrity Objectives.  Phronteseas was accountable for the entire process, including – MODU activation and Integrity verification – Planning & Management of all relevant activities – Crewing, Training, Competence verification – Marine Logistics, Rig Move Planning, and Execution – Class Society and […]

Have you reduced CO2 emissions this year?

We all have a responsibility to make environmentally conscious decisions. Phronteseas are keenly aware of the importance  – and therefore committed to make a meaningful impact. In one of our operations management contracts, Phronteseas reduced CO2 emissions related to power generation of the Mobil Offshore Drilling Unit by 54.45%. We are passionately assisting customers with CO2 […]